Flexible Business Applications built with Drupal

With ERPAL, you can customize business logic, data structures and data views – basically through configuration alone. Now that's what we call flexible!

ERPAL Platform

ERPAL Platform is a flexible Drupal distribution that serves as a high-level foundation for site builders and developers. There, they can create powerful business applications with almost no coding.

  • Flexible standard structure

    ERPAL Platform provides you with a base structure for contacts, quotes, orders and invoices. Spend less time with standard structures and build your individual features with Drupal on top.

  • Use cases

    ERPAL Platform can be used to build e-commerce systems including the business management backend, as well as SaaS or standalone business applications for CRM, ERP and workflow management systems.

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ERPAL for Service Providers

ERPAL for Service Providers is a full-featured Drupal business platform for service providers. It's end-user ready, right out of the box!

  • Business logic and collaboration

    ERPAL for Service Providers integrates the features of CRM, project management and collaboration, time tracking, business reports, staff management, controlling automation, billing and contract management.

  • Use cases

    Software development shops, consulting companies and marketing agencies – among others – use ERPAL for Service Providers to support their business processes. It also helps optimize team collaboration, so less time is spent on administration and more on fostering transparency.

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So what's the difference between ERPAL Platform and ERPAL for Service Providers?

"Build your own" vs. "end-user ready"

ERPAL Platform

Flexible foundation for building your own business applications
  • Project and order delivery controlling
  • Quotes, orders, invoices workflow
  • Commerce, CRM Core, Rules, Views, ERPAL Core
  • Free community and paid professional support
  • Customizable
  • 3rd party integration modules
    coming soon!
  • Actively maintained and supported
Start building your own business application

ERPAL for Service providers

End-user ready business application for service providers
  • Project collabortation
  • CRM activity management
  • Fine grained role and permission control included
  • Free community and paid professional support
  • Customizable
  • 3rd party integration
  • Actively maintained and supported
Start being more productive with less administrative work

ERPAL Time Tracker app

The ERPAL Time Tracker app is a native mobile app integrated with ERPAL to track your time on your mobile device. When connected to ERPAL, all data is synchronized with ERPAL to automate time-based billing and controlling processes.

  • Comfortable time tracking

    All assigned tasks are available for time tracking on your mobile device. The start / stop function makes it easy to track your time anywhere.

  • iOS and Android

    The ERPAL Time Tracker is available for iOS and Android.

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Get started and contribute!

Join our community and start using Drupal for more than content management! We'll help you get started. Join our developer team and start building flexible business applications with Drupal!
Or, would you just like to start using ERPAL for Service Providers? We have 10 videos to guide you through all the features and use cases.

Issue queues

The community gives free support in the issue queue.


Find tutorials and how-to videos about ERPAL on the ERPAL video channel. To start from the beginning with the ERPAL Platform concepts we've created some detailed ERPAL Platform documentation.

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Professional services

All ERPAL distributions are open and free! To give business users reliable support when they need it, we offer the following professional services:

3rd party integration

We can provide you with an integration platform that streamlines integration with ERPAL. Design your own cross-app data workflows using ERPAL and other 3rd party APIs. ERPAL integrates well with existing business tools.

Consulting and customization

No matter whether you plan to develop your own business application or want to use ERPAL for your business, we'll help you get off to a good start. If you prefer to stay focused on your core business, we'll gladly connect you with partners who can do the development and consulting work for you.

Partner program

Join our partner program to benefit from marketing collaborations in the area of Drupal business application development. Our partner program is designed to help you get new projects and grow your expertise while relying on our core development team for support.

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Security automation

For most organizations security is business critical. We provide end-users and ERPAL developers with automated security updates using the Drop Guard service. Drop Guard can be deployed by our partners as a white-label security automation service.

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