At the weekend we had the pleasure to give a first preview of ERPAL 3 at the Drupal Camp in Frankfurt. We had a lot of interesting talks to different people already using ERPAL or considering using ERPAL in their company.

ERPAL First Beta Release We are happy to announce the first ERPAL Beta version of a Drupal distribution aiming to manage all data and processes of small and midsized agencies and service providers.

During the ERPAL development we had to face several site building challenges to introduce a so called "3 dimension structure" in the menu navigation that depends on the current context (ctools context evaluation node fields, URL arguments, user roles and so on).

In the final blog entry of the series "How we use ERPAL" we present in which ways our Web Designers and Frontend Developers work with ERPAL. Furthermore, we give a short summary of all opinions towards ERPAL at the end.