Have you ever thought about building your own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business based on Drupal?

Automated Drupal core and contrib updates have been discussed in the Drupal community on as well as on external blogs since Drupalgeddon in October 2014. The result?

While developing a system to automate Drupal updates and using that technology to fulfill our Drupal support contracts, we ran into many issues and questions about the workflows that integrate the update process into our overall development and deployment cycles.

In the previous part of our blog series, we talked about unrealistic budgets and deadlines. Today our focus is on structure and control in agile projects.

Finally: we're done overhauling our internet presence and proudly present you our new website! Our main goal in re-launching was to better to inform you, our web visitor, in a more targeted way about ERPAL. We've completely restructured the site, reducing it to the bare essentials.