We are finally almost there to release Drupal 8 RC1. For us, the release candidate means that Drupal has a stable API, a feature freeze and "should" be free of critical bugs as far as there are no new ones found. That counts for Drupal8 core.

This Drupalcon in Barcelona was really special for us because we had so many touching points with the community and other businesses in the Drupal ecosystem. This Drupalcon really helped us to increase our Drupal8 knowledge but also our whole business.

After a month of Drop Guard's closed beta we aggregated the most important business benefits from our beta testers. We want to share those benefits with you: 

Many times during our beta phase I was asked the question if Drop Guard is a hosting platform and will replace the use of Acquia Cloud, Pantheon or (or any other hosting Drupal platform.) The answer is clearly: NO!

Flexibility and integration are the most important factors when developing E-commerce, CRM or other kind of business applications with Drupal.