Drupal project one of 3 best practice industrial internet projects featured at the German IT Summit

WOW! That's really great news for Drupal – and for us! Our Drupal-based project, MyFoam.net, has been selected as one of the three top best-practice projects of the digital industry. As part of the worldwide movement to boost the efficiency of industrial companies using internet technology, the German "IT Summit" connects the German government with top industrial companies to set the direction of the digitalization strategy in German industry to 2020. It's a great honor for Drupal and for us to be seen as a top digital innovator in Germany. 

Design-to-production processes in the milling industry, which make up a huge part of what German industrial enterprises do, are very expensive for small lot sizes.
With MyFoam.net we've built a Drupal-based platform that allows customers do their entire construction CAD process via internet and mobile technology, and it lets manufacturers use digital design directly in their manufacturing processes – no manual interaction required. This saves up to 75% of the time and expenses normally needed, and it brings new, mass-customized industrial products to market.

See the video from the German IT Summit and MyFoam.net as a best practice example (minute 40):