After six years of working with Drupal, I’ve seen many successful Drupal projects. I’ve also felt how hard it is to become an experienced Drupal developer.

Yesterday, when the Drupal 7.31 SQL injection vulnerability came up, I think this was one of the most crititcal updates I ever saw in the Drupal world.

This year was our first as a silver sponsor with an ERPAL booth at a Drupalcon.

ERPAL for Service Providers ist eine umfassende Business Applikation (ERP) für Agenturen, Software-Entwicklungsunternehmen und, natürlich, Drupal Dienstleister.

This screencast will show you how to install ERPAL. You will see where you can download the latest ERPAL Version, how to set up your server and your MySQL Database and how to start the installation process.