ERPAL for Service Providers

ERPAL for Service Providers lets you manage all your everyday business tasks in one integrated smart solution. It will give you a complete overview of your customers, leads, projects, team members and invoices.

ERPAL for Service Providers provides you with one tool to consolidate all your different business processes, instead of a bunch of tools that aren't necessarily compatible with each other and not capable of transferring data between them.

Your benefits with ERPAL for Service Providers

With this end-user ready Drupal business platform for service providers you have the following benefits

  • All business transactions at a glance
  • Fully integrated project management
  • Information portal for your employees
  • Automate your contracts
  • Easy and fast billing
  • Manage customers and leads
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That's an amazing distribution! Best solution out there for CRM, project management, etc. Great job, guys!


ERPAL is nothing less than a revolution in our business processes. In the "old world" we had contacts, projects and tasks managed by different systems – which made synchronization complicated. In the "new world" there's centralized management for all processes and all data are logically linked. Project management is fun again!

Daniel Benkenstein, CEO
Customer Integration

Customer integration

Integrate the customer into your project. Centralized communication helps ensure workflow transparency, which, in turn, enhances trust and contributes to the success of your project.

  • Transparency

    It saves a lot of communication time

Efficiency for your project team

  • Only one tool to use

    ERPAL as a project platform brings your project communication and controlling together. You can access all your relevant data and information in one place.

Manage your projects

  • Project management solution

    ERPAL helps you manage your projects efficiently. From requirements gathering to specification through to implementation ERPAL offers a fully integratend project management solution.

Streamline your time tracking

  • Time Tracker App

    Capture your billable hours and project time simply through the browser or with the time tracking app. And with the overview of your employees' vacation and sick days, you always know how much time a project has consumed and which employees are available.

Time Tracker App for iOS Time Tracker App for Android

Easy billing

  • Invoice creation quick & easy

    Create your invoices quickly and without time-consuming information procurment from revenue sources such as contracts, time trackings, delivered projects and budgets.

Control access permissions

  • Different roles

    Whether you're working with project managers, internal employees, frelancers or customers: you can control access for each role to keep confidental information secure.

Data availability for each work step

  • Headline

    ERPAL provides access to all relevant information in every work step. Optimize the workflows in your company efficiently and stop losing time throught continual searching.

Mobile access for more flexibility

  • Workplace independet

    ERPAL provides a mobile workplace. With your personal login you can gain access from anywhere via a browser with an internet connection.

Security for your data

  • Transparency through open source

    ERPAL is open source. You'll always have access to all of your data and know where the system is storing this data.

Central organization

  • All data in one place

    Realistic planning and fact-based decisions are only possible if you maintain all your project and company data in a centralized repository. ERPAL stores all your data together in one place.

More time for the important things

  • Reduce administrative work

    With ERPAL for Service Providers you'll reduce your administrative work so you can focus on activities that add value for your company.

Screenshots of ERPAL for Service Providers

  • Open and free

    If you are now interested you can download ERPAL for Service Provider - it's open and free!

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