ERPAL Platform - Flexible and open business application

Build your own web-based business applications using the full flexibility of Drupal with almost no coding. It provides you with the full sales workflow starting with a CRM through to quotes, orders and invoices.

Integrate your applications with other existing tools to automate your workflows and processes.

All powered by Drupal - one of the best and most flexible open-source web frameworks out there!

Why use ERPAL Platform?

  • Take advantage of Drupal's flexibility
  • Avoid additional costs through open source
  • Control your processes and workflows
  • Use common best practises
  • Rely on stable Drupal modules
  • Own and control your data
  • Integrate with other tools
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ERPAL Platform gives me full flexibility to create platforms that really fit our business requirements.

Manuel Pistner, CEO

I know Drupal best and want to build business applications for my customers. With ERPAL Platform I have the full flexibility of all the Drupal modules I know. And because it's open source, I can rely on the tools I develop using ERPAL Platform.

Evgeniy Maslovskiy, Drupal architect
ERPAL Platform

What's so special about it

  • Based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CRM Core

    ERPAL Platform is designed to build flexible business applications based on Drupal. This Drupal distribution includes the latest functionality for business applications and is extendible with common Drupal modules. ERPAL Platform is based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CRM Core.

Who should use ERPAL Platform?

  • Drupal developers and site builders

    ERPAL Platform is designed to give Drupal developers and site builders a basis to kickstart their development of business applications. For everything ranging from small business platforms up to full-featured CRM and ERP systems you can use the flexibility of Drupal and be guided by the architecture of this distribution.

ERPAL Platform

Most common use case

  • Extendable CRM

    ERPAL Platform provides full CRM functionality for managing contacts, leads, quotes, orders and invoices.

    You can easily extend the data structures and workflows with the configuration of fields, views and rules.

    This architecture enables you to hook into each step of your business process and either extend it either with Drupal or by integrating with the APIs of other applications.


Plan and measure everything

ERPAL Core is the entity-based framework to plan and measure your business output. It can be used to create resource planning tools. It provides a flexible entity structure for resources, budgets for planning and output for business results.


Contacts and leads

The CRM is based on Drupal's CRM Core modules. It provides base entities for contacts and sales activities and integrates seamlessly with the Drupal module stack.


Quotes, orders, invoices

The entire billing process - from quotes to invoices - is built on top of Drupal Commerce to keep it as flexible as possible regarding pricing rules and product variants. You can use your Drupal Commerce know-how to extend these sales processes.


Workflows and data

Drupal is known as one of the most flexible and extendible web application frameworks. As ERPAL Platform integrates with Drupal 100%, you can use the Drupal module stack like entities, fields, views and rules to leverage your business application's functionality.

Screenshots of ERPAL Platform

Here are some Screenshots of ERPAL Platform. If you are interested now, download it. It's open and free!

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